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About Nisette

Fitness is my passion. I love being instrumental in making the human body function more efficiently.

I started my body building journey in 1986 at a Living Well and an Elaine Powers gym in Milwaukee WI. At that time, the all-female institution had it's members focus on body toning so I did 90% aerobics and 10% abdominal work. But in 1987, Living Well Lady became co-ed and added a weight room to its facilities. In an effort to drum up conversation, new members taught me how to lift weights.

After a few competitions, I was hooked on weight lifting; not only as a sport, it changed my way of life. It made me stronger in every way. I always loved sports but now I can truly appreciate all athletes. The results athletes achieve epitomize 1 part sweat and 3 parts determined discipline. I would like to empower others who may thirst for a better quality of life.

Fitness has a positive effect on physique, spirit and mind. As a lifestyle fitness trainer, I try to empower others with the fitness efficient processes. As an amateur athlete I am always trying different ways to enjoy fitness and pass that knowledge along.

Nisette M. Gray has been certified as a Personal Trainer since 1994 by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), since 2009 Titleist Golf (Level 1 Golf Fitness Instructor) and the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA) 1994.


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